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Johnson 2HG dumper

This is where it all started. My Johnson 2HG dumper. Prior to getting this machine I had never heard of Johnson Machinery.

Johnson 2HG dumper

This is Ben's Johnson 2HG dumper which is in much better condition than mine.

Johnson 2HG dumper

Johnson 2HG dumper belonging to Guy from Scotland. Has a Petter AVA engine, an old school chair for a seat and the original handbrake .

Johnson 1 Ton dumper

Johnson 1 ton dumper with Petter AVA1 diesel rear wheel drive. Bill says "transmission is via a toothed rubber belt, a very modern idea when it was made."

Johnson 2HG dumper

This is Tom's Johnson 1 ton 2HG dumper. He owns 2 of these machines, 1 belt driven and 1 chain driven.

4WD Johnson 1KP dumper

Johnson 4 wheel drive dumper owned by Gareth. It has hydraulic tip and what looks like a Petter PH2 engine. I think it is a Model 1KP although it might be a 2KP or 3KP

This is Shaun's Johnson 1 ton 2HG dumper. He has now sold this dumper in preparation for relocation to the Isle of Man.

Johnson 2HG

Rear view of Shaun's 2HG.

Johnson mud pump

Johnson mud pump belonging to Henry. Yes that is a toilet pan connector! The pump has a Coburn engine.

Johnson Humper

Johnson Humper belonging to John. This machine is in regular use in the timber yard.

Johnson Humper

Close up of the Humper's controls.

Frank from Germany owns this Johnson 2HG dumper with Petter AVA1(T) engine. It is in great condition.

Johnson 2 HG dumper

Frank's dumper is missing its handbrake lever like mine. These must have fallen off quite regularly!

Thanks to Reg for these pictures of his Johnson 1JP dumper. He would like to date this machine if possible.

Johnson Dumper

Reg's dumper still has its Johnson name plates.

Johnson dumper

Note how Johnson's have finally gone over to front wheel drive and rear wheel steer with this model of dumper.

This is Mikes JCM 2250 AP with a Petter PH2 Engine and 4WD This machine dates from the early 1980's

This is Bob's Johnson Mud Pump from the 1960's. He still uses it and has just managed to get a new diaphragm for it after a long search.

This is an early Johnson Humper owned by Myles. It has a Petter AVA2 engine.

Johnson humper

Close up of the controls on the Humper which Myles uses in his wood yard. Despite its age the machine still works very well.

Peter sent in these pictures of his 2HG dumper which is being used on a drain job

Johnson 2HG dumper

Peter has had his dumper for many years and has used it a lot.


Peter is currently making some new mudguards for his 2HG as the old ones have rusted out

Petter PH1 engine

Close up of the Petter PH1 engine

William from Scotland sent these pictures of his 3E dumper which dates from the 1960's and is still in its original orange paint.

Johnson 3E dumper

Williams dumper has a Petter AVA2 engine

Johnson 3E dumper

This dumper is in remarkably good condition for its age.

Johnson 3E dumper

On the right you can just see the massive block of ice which has just been tipped out of the skip!

Johnson 2HG dumper photographed by James.

Johnson dumper

Rear view of the 2HG.

Johnson dumper owned by Jamie.

Johnson Dumper

Side view of Jamies dumper.

Johnson Motil owned by John. Can anyone date this machine or do you know anything about its history?

Johnson dumper owned by John in Australia

Johnson dumper

Johns dumper looks excellent.

Johnson Motil owned by Matt.

Johnson 2HG owned by Lee. What a great machine in fantastic condition.

Johnson 2HG Dumper

Lee's dumper dates from 1965 and has had 2 owners from new.

Lee kindly sent these photos of a 4WD Johnson 1KP dumper.

Johnson 1KP dumper

The 1KP Model could carry 2 tons fully loaded.

Johson 3KP dumper

Lee also saw this 3KP at auction. This machine could carry 2.5 tons.

Any extra pictures of Johnson Machinery to expand the Surviving Machines section will be greatly appreciated.

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Johnson 2HG Dumper

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