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The Johnson Machinery Apprentice School at Adswood Road, Stockport

Johnson Machinery - apprentice school

Added 06/04/10. This is the 1973/74 apprentice intake. The table is covered with tools that the apprentices made as part of their training. Trevor kindly provided the photos. He is third from the right in both pictures. Larger Picture

Johnson Machinery Apprentices

Not all the apprentices worked for Johnson Machinery. Some came from Bolton Superheaters (next door to the Adswood site) and Lightening Mixers at Poynton. Larger Picture

David C recalls the training school as follows:

"I seem to recall that the Johnson training school came under the jurisdiction of Stockport Engineering Training Association (SETA) whose headquarters are still in Reddish, (a suburb of Stockport).  A majority of the trainees were Johnson indentured apprentices but there were one or two attendees from other local engineering companies which had no approved training facilities.  I can think of Bolton Superheaters (next door), Lightning Mixers in Poynton, Davy Mckee (around the corner in Adswood) to name but a few.  A Johnson apprenticeship was considered one of the best in the area along with the likes of the mighty Simon Engineering nearby. 

The curriculum was set by the Engineering Industry Training Board (EITB) and included modules for both Craft and Technical apprenticeships.  The first year was ‘off the job’ and spent in the Training School situated within the Johnson Works.  The school was well equipped with lathes, drilling and milling machines, shaping machine, mechanical saw, work benches, forge and gas and arc welding facilities.  Over the course of the year, and under the expert supervision of trainer Frank Davies, attendees could learn everything from marking-out and tin work to manufacturing eccentric shafts with precision threads and tapers.

During the year, a member of Johnsons electrical department would attend occasionally with demonstrations of wiring systems such as multi-point two-way light switches which each apprentice had to replicate later.  There was also a course on welding, supported by one of the welders from the factory.  At the end of the year, points were awarded for accuracy of work, presentation and volume of work with an eventual winner, Apprentice of the Year, a much sought after accolade.  There followed an open day when the years' apprentices displayed their work to parents, relatives and employers.

The second year was on the job, apprentices would work for several weeks at a time in various departments including the machine, welding, dumper and pump shops, inspection and the tool stores before eventually settling in their place of choice in the third year".

Trevor who attended the training school from 1973 to 74 recalls that, "we had to go on day release to Stockport College of Technology, this consisted one full day 9am till 6pm and one evening 6pm until 9pm. After the initial twelve months off the job training some apprentices would then go to college on block release".

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