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Johnson Humper

Here's a 1N Humper all terrain forklift being tested for stability on a special rig. Note the wire ropes securing the machine.

Johnson Humper

Here's the Johnson 1N Humper again. Its obviously a fairly stable machine to be able to stay upright on that type of slope.

Johnson Humper

The Humper has an impressive lift height.

An early (1960's?) Johnson Humper outside the Adswood works fitted with a brick handling system developed in co-operation with the London Brick Company (thanks to John for this information)

Johnson mud pump

A Johnson Mud Pump with the Lister LR1 engine which was the standard engine fitted.

Johnson Generator

A Johnson Generator with a Petter AA1 or AB1 engine.

Jorge would like to find out more about the Enfield pumps distributed by C H Johnson (Machinery) Ltd. He runs a Royal Enfield related blog at

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